Update: Spartan Races + Injury

I've been MIA again for a little over a week.  This was not my intention at all.  I planned on getting back from the Spartan Beast & Sprint giddy with excitement and ready to share the experience here on the blog.  But, sometimes life doesn't go as planned.  

First, the good news: 

1.  The SoCal Spartan Beast was an amazing experience again.  I'm glad Jason and I finished strong, albeit exhausted!  

2.  We both finished the Spartan Sprint and because the event had been rescheduled from September, we got both the 2014  and the 2015 medals.  Woohoo, I finally got my Spartan Trifecta for 2014!  

And now, the bad news:

Jason hurt himself on the last obstacle.  It was a Tarzan swing type thing, where you had to swing from one end to the other without touching the water trench that was in the middle.  Sadly, Jason's foot hit the edge of the trench and fell into the water.  He knew he was hurt pretty badly and got help getting out of the water.  Meanwhile, I was on the side doing my burpee penalty.  I didn't even attempt that obstacle!  I saw him limping towards the finish line, but assumed it was a leg cramp.  Once I crossed the finish line, I saw that he was hurt and he immediately called for medic.  That is of course, once that finisher medal was around his neck!  True Spartan.  At the medic tent I could see his ankle was super swollen and after they bandaged his ankle and put ice on it, we got a ride to our car and were told to go to the hospital.  I had about 5 minutes to run to bag check for our stuff, grab our finisher tshirts, and on Jason's insistence, I purchased the Trifecta  holder I was waiting to buy after the race.  Once I got back to the medic tent, Jason was already in the van that was taking us and a few other injured Spartans back to our cars.  

We knew getting him to the hotel room would be difficult, so we stopped at Wal-Mart and I bought him some crutches.  Thank goodness for elevators!  We made it to our room and decided to not rush home, but rather keep the foot iced, elevated, and give him ibuprofen.  Throughout the entire ordeal Jason remained calm and said he wasn't in  much pain.  The next morning, we checked out and arrived to Vegas a little before noon.  We went straight to the urgent care and after getting his xray, it was confirmed his ankle was fractured and we got a referral to see a podiatrist the next morning.  At the appointment, we learned his injury and fracture was pretty bad and had to have surgery.  Surgery was scheduled for Thursday morning.  I'm relieved to say that surgery went well and he's healing now.  We're doing everything we can to keep him comfortable, but of course he isn't able to move much and he needs to keep his leg elevated, so he isn't always feeling great.   But, the doctor is sure he'll make a speedy recovery!  Not sure he'll be doing another Spartan race anytime soon, but we'll see ;) 

Big thanks to all our family and friends for the visits, phone calls, texts, and messages on facebook and instagram!  We appreciate it so much.  

So, that's where I've been since Sunday, playing nurse and taking care of the Mr.  I'll be blogging the race recaps later this week, though.  Hoping to be getting back to some sort of routine here soon.  Not just with blogging, but with work, home life, and nutrition and workouts!